Our Installation Procedure

On delivery check all ribs, blocks, light points, weld mesh for any possible defects and shortages against your delivery notes. Report any defects or shortages to Spanslab immediately.
When carrying ribs, ribs are to be in an upright position with carriers not spaced further apart that about 1,5m.

1) Start at one end of the slab and place the ribs in position using a row of blocks at each end of each rib. The minimum length of bearing of ribs onto load bearing brickwork is 75mm, preferably 100mm
2) Prop the ribs in accordance with engineers specification – max spacing of props shall be at 1.6m centers.
3) Pack remainder of blocks working from one side leaving out blocks where stiffener ribs are indicated on your engineer’s plan.
4) Place stiffener reinforcement (Min 2Y10 per stiffener beam)
5) Install services over blocks (Electrical & water points) – not on top of ribs and DEFINITELY not on top of stiffener ribs!
6) Check that all lifting hooks are in an upright position.
7) Place mesh over ribs where applicable
8) Obtain Engineers approval at least 24 hours before placing/ ordering concrete
9) Wet ribs and blocks prior to casting concrete.
10) Cast in-situ concrete of minimum strength 25MPa. Concrete to be mechanically vibrated. Avoid heaping of concrete on slab
11) Never walk or push loaded wheelbarrows directly on the hollow blocks without providing a suitable scaffold walkway spanning at least 3 blocks at the point of loading to spread imposed load. The hollow blocks specially designed to be of lightweight construction, are designed to carry a max load of 90 kg per block only!
12) Cure (wet) concrete for a period of 4 days after concreting
13) Remove temporary props when in-situ concrete has reached a strength of 17 MPa – usually after 10 – 14 days after placement

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Looking for quality material for you next project ? Get your free quote today!



Looking for quality material for you next project ? Get your free quote today!


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